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MechCraft is a Sci-Fi fantasy tower defense game where you assemble your own defenders to defeat incoming threat.


Battle galaxy and earn rare treasures useful for upgrading your Mech Units

Arena Battle

Become a legend through intense PvP arena Battles! Join open tournaments for real money prizes

Unique Combination

Mix and match units to create the ultimate team.


Simply connect to your wallet and select the reward you wish to claim. Use it to level up your squad!

Hero NFT
Every Hero has a set of unique abilities in helping gamer overall gameplay or harming the opponent in battle. Value of the NFTs increase with the growth of the Hero’s level and abilities.
Units NFT
Every unit has different unique abilities and characteristics. Gamers form the units into their battling formation in defending the game. The Cards’ value appreciates in tandem with their level and abilities growth. Cards’ growth can be done by upgrading consistently to outperform other Cards, to do this, gamer may obtain the shards from gameplay, marketplace, or crushing existing Cards into shard.
Equipment NFT
These weapons are teamed with the Hero in the battle which provide additional buffs in helping the gamer to gain advantage over opponent. To make it more valuable, gamer can upgrade and merge for higher rank
This is one of the ingredients used for upgrading NFTs. Shard can be obtained from gameplay, marketplace, or crushing cards to get it.

The ultimate universe of

With the advent of NFTs in Blockchain converged with the gaming sector which bring most intrinsic values to the collectible card games, especially incorporated with play-to-earn mechanism….

Mech Coin


MechCraft Gameplay


Mech Deck

Craft Your Own Powerful NFT Deck

Mech NFT

What is NFT?

Competitive and Sustainable
NFTs Marketplace

MechCraft will have Marketplace for gamers to buy and sell NFTs in Anistic network.


This is to enhance the NFTs activities among gamers for all needs that come along with the progressive development of individual gamer.

Guardian that will provide greater long term value as the game grows.

Buying favourite NFTs to increase gameplay probability and keep for future value

Limited high ranking rewards

Unique & Endless Combination

The Mech Units act as your unique minion in the upcoming game “MechCraft”. Each player needs a minimum of 5 Mech Units to join the game as you battle for glory and rewards.

MechCraft Collection

Normal Purchase

Bold Tick symbol 1 Hero Card
Bold Tick symbol 5 Common Cards

Presale Extra

Bold Tick symbol Normal Purchased Items
Bold Tick symbol Additional 1 Rare Card

Bold Tick symbol 4 Shards for Card Upgrade

Bold Tick symbol Random invitation to Closed Beta Gameplay


World of Mech Craft

The Team

Supreme General KY

Experienced tech executive & project manager. She oversees the holistic development and manages strategic expansion

Star Ambassador HJ

The marketing heads. The high rank and experience diplomatic official accredited to Mech Craft. His negotiation skills played an important role in facilitating cessations of hostilities or expansions of friendly relationships

Squad Lead TK

6 years experience in games development. His array of experiences ranges from launching interactive games portal to developing social networking games on diverse mobile platforms

Mad Scientist Mega

The engineering team and is responsible for the technical aspects of the game and blockchain development

Informant KC

Creativity, skill, or persistency – this artist packs them all. He also manage the design concepts and artistic direction of the organization. 

Strategic Partners

Quarter 1 2022

MechCraft Roadmap

Quarter 1-2 2021

Bold Tick symbol Game R&D

Bold Tick symbol Game Model Selection

Quarter 2 2021

Bold Tick symbol Tokenomic

Bold Tick symbol Gamenomic

Bold Tick symbol MOU with Blockchain Lab

Quarter 3 2021

Bold Tick symbol Game Balance Test

Quarter 4 2021

➼ Pre-Launching

➼ Whitepaper

➼ Landing Page

➼ Beta Gameplay

➼ Presale

➼ Marketing

➼ Marketplace: First Phase Release

Quarter 1 2022

➼ Game Release

➼ Listing


Quarter 2 2022

➼ Marketplace: 2nd Phase Release


Quarter 3 2022

➼ Game Enhancement Path Release


Quarter 4 2022

➼ Game Expansionary Path Release




Introduction to MechCraft

MechCraft Title

With the advent of NFTs in Blockchain converged with the gaming sector which bring most intrinsic values to the digital collectible card game, especially incorporated with play-to-earn mechanism. 


MechCraft will launch series of creative Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) collectible card game that are built on Anistic Network which is a Ethereum sidechain. It is to utilize Anistic Network’s scalability and solves high Ethereum gas fees. Mech coins will be used as network fees. 


MechCraft emphasize on game craft borderless way of crafting unique ERC Standard NFTs, which come along with unique infrastructure that combine DeFi, gaming and NFTs for greater synergy in creating values.

Guardian Use Case

Guardian is one of the rewards in the play-to-earn. It will be required to upgrade NFTs. Guardian holders are able to earn rewards from staking.

MechCraft Gameplay

PvP & PvE

In the game, gamer can play PvP ( Player Versus Player ) or PvE ( Player Versus Environment ) modes that come with different gameplay.


In the PvP mode, gamer play against another gamer to defend their own gate. Every round of battle come with wave of monsters and a boss fight, killing monsters and bosses will generate Mana which is needed to merging and power up cards.


The factor to determine a loser is when a gamer has no lives left in the battle. Throughout the gameplay, gamer need to summon cards which are randomly release to battle field with the consumption of the Mana, and the cost of Mana will increase in line with summoning progress


To increase cards level, merging cards is important but merging will result in a random card.

In PvE gameplay, the requirements for summoning cards, merging cards, power up cards are similar with the PvP. But this is where a gamer play with another gamer alongside to fight against engine. Same as PvP, they will lose the game, if monsters kill their 3 lives in the game.

Powerful Deck of NFT

Why crafting a powerful deck of NFTs is important?

In the gameplay, player need to have a synergetic and effective deck of Hero, Equipment and Cards that can increase gameplay winning probability for high-rank achievement.


The Play-to-Earn gamified rewards such as Guardian, Mech, Shard, NFTs based on seasonal distribution come from below various gameplay achievements:

• Accomplish daily quests

• Achieve higher ranking of leaderboard

• Season path

• Trophy path

• Clan Tournament

• Special Events

• Esport Tournament

What is NFTs?

Unique ERC-20 Standard NFT.


In-game Functional NFTs that come with various types, buffs, level and status which are critical for gameplay probability for Play-to-Earn.


Value of NFTs will appreciate along the level, crafting and rarity. NFTs can be traded in the marketplace for players’ requirements.