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What is Guardian


In the Mechcraft blockchain game, besides NFT rewards, players can also earn the game’s native token called Guardian. The Guardian token can be used to upgrade NFT cards within the game and can also be staked on well-known decentralized pancake swap platforms for yield farming. The token has an ADE mechanism in place to maintain its value.


In addition to the gaming applications, tokens can also derive secondary value growth through staking economics. By placing the corresponding tokens into a staking pool, users can earn sustainable token rewards. During the staking period, they can also enjoy the benefits of token value appreciation.

THE ADE (Automated Dynamic Equilibrium)


Mechanism is a comprehensive mechanism designed to maintain the overall operation of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.


This mechanism adjusts based on the supply and demand principles within the ecosystem. The token, Guardian, can only be obtained through blockchain gaming. However, it incorporates various degrees of token burning mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of the blockchain gaming token and reflect its relative value within the ecosystem.


Tower Defence The Tower defence game come with four battle modes. Gamers will receive six NFTs which are: 1 Hero and 5 random cards upon purchase of the Starter Pack.

These NFTs can be upgraded by consuming GUARDIAN and Shard. Over the game progress, gamers are encouraged to upgrade gameplay’s NFTs to increase critical strikes that will do more damage to the opponents thus increase game probability. NFTs value will appreciate in tandem with increased demand, these are tradeable in the NFTs Marketplace. Gamers need to play the games and complete daily quests in order to obtain more GUARDIAN, MECH, Shards, NFTs and Tickets. Alternatively, they can purchase the NFTs and Shards in the Martketplace, Guardian and MECH in the decentralized exchanges.


Gamer play against another gamer to defend their own Tower. Every round of battle come with wave of monsters and a boss fight, killing monsters and bosses will generate Mana which is needed to merging and power up cards. The factor to determine a loser is when a gamer has no lives left in the battle.


Gamers to play along with another gamer to defend their shared Tower. Same as PvP, they will lose the game, if monsters kill their 3 lives in the game. This mode will help gamers to gain gameplay experience, win rewards as well as bonding among gamers.


The competition in which each clan can battle with other clans for the valuable rewards. Clans are competed to be the first to over come the Path of Challenges and cross the line.


There will be periodic events like tournament and campaign. This is to enhance gamers bonding and interest in the MECHCRAFT and additional gamified rewards